Please CALL our office at (804) 423-1712 to notify us of any cancellations or lateness for any scheduled appointments.  Thank you.

Cancellation/No-show Policy

As a courtesy to our other clients as well as to your therapist, your cancellation and time changes must be made 24 hours prior to appointments to avoid full charge for missed appointment time as we are an appointment based business and our commodity is perishable. If you do not call or show up for your appointment, the therapist does not get paid, nor may they be able to fill that scheduled spot due to no or little notice of cancellation.  Optionally, and at the discretion of your therapist, if this is a first time occurance,  a reduced $25.00 late cancellation/no-show fee will be charged.  You will be required to pay these fees, if assessed, before returning to our office for service.

Please be kind to your therapist and call our office to notify us promptly if changes need to be made.  We have reserved your scheduled appointment time specifically for you and are looking forward to serving you.

Late Policy

If you are late for your appointment we will keep your appointment but necessarily it will be shortened by the amount of time you are late.  This ensures that subsequent client appointments can remain on schedule.   Full fee for your appointment will be required as that appointment time has been pre-reserved especially for you.  If your therapist is running late and must begin your scheduled appointment time late then you will receive your full appointment time.  We make every effort to honor every client's time commitments and requirements.

Please be kind to your therapist and call the office to notify us if you find that you are running late.

Gratuity Policy

Our fees are set to adequately compensate our therapists for their services.  However, we DO NOT include gratuities as a part of this fee.  While gratuities are never required, this is an excellent and personal way to show your therapist that you appreciate the talent and skill that they provide as part of their care for you.


Thank you for your cooperation and compliance.

Richmond Massage Therapy LLC staff

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