New Client Intake

The purpose of the new client intake session is to allow our highly trained therapists an opportunity to perform a thorough intake with you prior to your actual appointment.  It is our way of getting to know you, your body and understand your goals and the desired outcomes of your sessions with us.  During this time we often uncover relevant issues that you might not think to tell us but which can improve your session results.  It is not uncommon for us to use a reference book, wall charts, or even the internet as a means of sharing information and ideas pertinent to your sesssion.  We use this time to help plan your first, and future sessions. Performing the new client intake ensures that you receive the full hands on time for your first session with us while giving you the peace of mind that we have listened to you and have a good understanding of your needs.  In future sessions there is no need to repeat this process as we only need to build on information already acquired in this first session.