Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Detox

MLD for Detox Massage can be performed by anyone who has been certified in basic MLD and is performed on healthy individuals to enhance their health and support the removal of toxins from their bodies.  This technique helps to move fluids through the body by stimulating the lymphatic system.  The lymphatic system is the body's natural filtering and cleansing system that works in parallel with the venous portion of the circulatory system.  When these sytems work in unison, fluid retention is minimized and blood "cleansing" is optimized.  MLD is beneficial for many health conditions such as detoxification from Lymes Disease and can support the removal of residual medications such as steroids (Prednisone), various antibiotics, antidepressants and others from the body after the course of treatment has concluded.

In our MLD for Detox treatment first, a warm castor oil pack may be applied to the abdomen allowing the body to absorb the castor oil  making use of its beneficial and detoxifying qualities. Next a proprietary shea butter blend enhanced with essential oils may be applied to the feet, which are then wrapped in hot stones or warmed foot mitts. The body is then systematically dry brushed to stimulate the lymphatic system and promote detoxification.  This "skin brushing" is followed by specific, methodical, rhythmic strokes from neck to toe designed to further stimulate and purge the lymphatic system.  Apart from the optional castor oil pack for the abdomen and shea butter for the feet no other creams or lotions are used during the remaining parts of the session. 

Optionally, upon completion of the full body sequence, the feet are uncovered and specific Reflexology strokes are applied to enhance the detoxification process. 

The massage may be concluded with abdominal massage techniques that activate the digestive system and in turn aid in the detoxification process.

For best results be sure to drink plenty of water and eat only light meals the evening prior to and day of massage.

Joan Woods completes the Lymphatic Drainage & Detoxification class with Claire-Marie Miller in 2009.