Deep Tissue Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues.   Deep Tissue Massage employs some of the same strokes as Swedish Massage and also includes compression (deep finger pressure on the contracted areas) applied with slower movement concentrating on areas of tension and pain. This style aims to release acute and chronic patterns of tension in targeted muscles by utilizing repetition of various strokes.  Techniques used may also include deep friction either following along or stroking across the fibers of the muscles, tendons and fascia to break up adhesions and scar tissue and trigger-point work in which deep, static  finger pressure is applied to small knots of muscle to effect their release. Deep tissue massage is especially helpful for chronic muscle tension and extremely contracted areas such as with stiff necks and shoulders,  and mid and low back pain and tightness.

Contrary to popular thought, Deep Tiisue Massage does not necesarily have to hurt.  The slow repetition of strokes, working progressively deeper into the tissue can be both painfree and effective in relieving tension.  However, because Deep Tissue Massage usually focuses on specific, already tense areas of the body some soreness may result during or shortly following the massage. This soreness generally subsides within 48 hours.  When this type of massage is performed correctly you can experience significant relief in tense muscles almost immediately or within 24 to 48 hours.  This style of massage is a favorite among athletically and physically active people who seek immediate relief from muscular tension and pain so as to maintain their active lifestlyes.