Cupping Therapy

Chinese cupping therapy has been a part of ancient traditional Chinese medicine for over 2000 years and works by causing local congestion on the body's surface; it is performed by placing cups onto the skin by either heat or under suction.  Underlying tissue is drawn up into the cups when they are left on the skin for a few minutes, causing blood stasis and this is when healing begins to take place.

Cupping therapy opens up the meridian channels, channels through which the life energy (Chi or Qi) is able to flow freely throughout the body and through all organs and tissues. There are five meridians on the back and if these are properly open then energy is allowed to travel the full length of the body. It is thought that cupping is an excellent way to open these channels to ensure the energy can flow freely.

Cupping practitioners have found that cupping affects the body’s tissue up to four

inches deep; this causes the tissue to release toxins, clears blockages in the colon, activates the lymphatic system and helps to clear the veins and arteries.  Cupping may leave “cupping marks” which indicates the presence of blockages but these areas are not painful and usually disappear in 3 -14 days.  Most people experience immediate relief that has "good longevity", sometimes longer than other therapies, following this therapy.

Here cupping was performed on Mar 17th.  8 days later, on Mar 25th we can still see faint cupping marks.  The client reports "I'm feeling significantly better".

Joan Woods attends Thai Cupping and Scraping with Laura Covington of Bodhi Tree in July 2010. While the method of performing the scraping and applying the cups is identical to Traditional Chinese Medicine the underlying theory for cup placement and directional scraping isdifferent.  Fewer cups are used in Thai cupping, or at least that's what was taught, and fewer cupping points are used which do not coincide with the TCM meridians or accupressure points.